Different kinds
of tasty

All of our bites feature our unique blend of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and crunchy protein crisps. And with on average, less than 1g of sugar per whole Nibble bite, we pack in more flavour and a lot less sugar.

Fresh & Zingy


with Coconut

Ah, Italian lemon. Sicilians have a saying that lemons aren’t really lemons unless they are Sicilian. Well, we have lemons! These bites are made with scrumptious Sicilian lemon oil for a fresh lemony taste. With a sprinkling of dried coconut flakes, these bites are seriously delish.

A breakfast favourite. Try in yogurt – there’s no going back!

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A cheeky caffeine hit


with Cacao Nibs

Sometimes you just need an extra lift. . .

These bites are made with real coffee and smooth Dutch cocoa powder.  The result– a delicious little caffeine hit. We’ve added cacao nibs for a deep chocolatey crunch and a dash of cinnamon to warm it all up. Yum!

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Feeling a bit fruity

Sour Cherry

with a hint of orange

Our sour cherry bites are a taste explosion. Super tart delicious dried morello cherries are combined with a hint of sweet orange. And a tiny pinch of allspice rounds it all off.

Surprising, unique, delicious– a must try!

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A little chocolate fix

Choc Chip Cookie

with 72% dark chocolate

Chocolate chip cookies– a life-long love! Our bites are a healthy take on an old favourite.

We use 72% dark chocolate for a decidedly grown up taste. Perfect for when you just need a little chocolate.

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