Nibble Protein Bites

High protein

Source of fibre

Low GI &
lower sugar

naturally good to go...

Dairy free • Gluten free • Date free • Vegan

less sugar, more flavour

Nibble gives you a yummy but nutritious lift when you need a little something to keep you going.

Our little bite-sized beauties aren’t packed with sugar. So you stay fuller longer, without crashing. Job done.

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Different kinds of tasty

We use deliciously delicate, low GI dried plums as the base for our bites. So our flavours really pop. No sticky, sugary dates here. No whey (or gluten!). Smart, stealth snacking– with on average, under 6.5g of sugar per bag. Yup, that’s PER WHOLE BAG!

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Fresh & Zingy


with Coconut
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A cheeky caffeine hit


with Cacao Nibs
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Feeling a bit fruity

Sour Cherry

with a hint of orange
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A little chocolate fix

Choc Chip Cookie

with 72% dark chocolate
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The science bit

Why Low GI?

Low Glycemic Index foods, like nibble, are slow digesting so you avoid dreaded sugar slumps.

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